Nintendo Switch Size Comparison

We've seen some early side-by-side comparison pictures of the Nintendo Switch and Wii U gamepad from the launch event, but most were taken from an angle or with a distorted cellphone camera lens and don't provide an accurate comparison.   Up until this point, the question of "How big is the Nintendo Switch?" has been hard to nail down.  Depending on the angle, it can look slightly smaller or very noticeably smaller.  What has been consistent is the fact that the screen is virtually identical to that of the Wii U gamepad at 6.2 in. With that in mind, the size dimensiosn for the Nintendo Switch controller are 4 in tall x 9.4 in wide.  See animated size comparison with the Wii U below. 

As part of the animation, a look at precisely how the buttons have changed is apparent as well.  Gone is the iconic plus-shaped d-pad that has been a staple since the original NES.

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